Concrete Cleaning and Sealing

The increasing use of high-pressure water spray for washing combines with the process of power washing, also known as pressure washing. This spray is a hundred times more powerful than a regular garden hose and is produced by specially developed pumps. It’s used to remove unsightly mold, bubble gum, and other dirt stains from concrete surfaces such as your driveway, patio, and walkways.

Power washing is a high-pressure cleaning technique that’s used on horizontal, porous surfaces. As a result, we provide power washing in North Canton OH on areas of your home like concrete, pavers, patios, and decks. If you require any additional sort of surface cleaning, such as soft washing; please contact us to talk about your requirements.

Different homes will require different schedules for power washing in North Canton OH, and we will be more than happy to talk this through with you. However, as a rule of thumb, you might expect most areas to require cleaning every 12 months. You may require a bi-annual clean for heavy traffic areas, and we can schedule this for you easily.

Residential power washing in the North Canton OH area is priced based on the size of the area to be cleaned. We will take measurements when giving you an initial quote, and we charge per square foot. This helps us to make sure that our quotes are spot on and that there are no nasty hidden costs once the work is complete.

Because they get into the concrete, reactive chemical sealers will stay the longest and only wear away if the substrate surface itself erodes, which may be 10 years or more. Using an epoxy or urethane system with comparable performance, you can achieve similar results that last 5 to 10 years depending on traffic exposure. The performance life of penetrating siloxane sealers is shortest – generally 1 to 3 years.

That depends on the sort of sealer you choose. Because they go into the concrete, most chemically reactive sealers are practically unnoticeable. Acrylic solvent sealers enhance the color of concrete and give it a shiny look. Many sealers may be colored with translucent or opaque tints.

House Washing

Yes. Your home should never be pressure washed as this is far too harsh and may cause damage to the building materials. You can rest assured that when we do house washing in North Canton OH, we only ever use methods that won’t damage your property.

Our North Canton OH house washing team uses a method known as soft washing. This is a gentle cleaning technique that removes all kinds of grime, dirt, stains, and algae without affecting the integrity of your home. What’s more, it’s totally eco-friendly so we won’t be harming the planet in the process.

How frequently you will need house washing in North Canton OH, largely depends on several factors. If your home is exposed more to the elements than usual, you may need bi-annual cleans. However, we would normally recommend house cleaning once every 12 months for the most part.

We always aim to bring our customers a fair price to make things simple. We charge house washing based on the size of the area to be cleaned. We take measurements and charge per square foot. Everything will be laid out in your initial quote, so there are no hidden costs.

Roof Cleaning

Your roof is a delicate structure that will not handle harsh cleaning techniques such as pressure washing. When doing roof cleaning in North Canton OH, pressure washing could cause water to become lodged and cracks, mold, and mildew to appear which could lead to costly repairs.

We use a technique for roof cleaning in North Canton OH known as soft washing which combines the use of powerful cleaning agents with low water pressure for results that are as immaculate as they are gentle. There’s no risk of damage, and it’s all eco-friendly.

If your roof is overly exposed to the elements or a lot of wildlife, then the chances are that you will need more frequent cleaning. However, for most homes, hiring us for roof cleaning on an annual basis will be more than enough to keep your home looking great.

We always aim to offer a fair price, so we like to make things clear. Our roof cleaning service is priced based on the size of the area we will clean. Measurements are taken in square feet, and we charge per square foot, so you’ll always have a clear answer of what the end cost will be before any work begins.

Deck Cleaning

We know that intense cleaning methods can spoil the quality and integrity of your deck so we will never use anything harsh. Instead, we will use a combination of low pressure and hugely effective cleaning agents for deck cleaning in North Canton OH. This ensures that any accumulated dirt, grime, or algae will be removed but that the deck remains in tip-top condition. While other companies might cut corners just to get a quick clean, you can rely on us to take the very best care of your deck.

If you are looking to keep your deck in the best condition then you will need to have a maintenance program in place. Generally speaking, you will need to have your deck cleaned and restored at least once a year, but this time frame will vary depending on how heavily the deck is used and its exposure to the elements. Get in touch today for advice on how often your deck needs cleaning.

If your deck is exposed, you may have noticed that the wood begins to turn gray over time. This is completely normal and it is possible to restore the color through viable cleaning methods like the ones that our team uses. Wood turns gray because of exposure to moisture which then washes out an organic polymer known as lignin. This is present in various natural items, including plants. When it washes away, it leaves the wood open to UV damage, so it’s important to have it restored.

We price deck cleaning based on the size of the area that we needs work. We aim to always provide our clients with the most competitive and fair prices in the area, especially when you consider the quality of our work. Contact us today, and we will take the measurements of your deck, which will allow us to give you a clear and hassle-free quote. You’re under no obligation to book, but if you decide to, you can feel confident that what you see is what you get in terms of price.

Window Cleaning

We use a modern method for window cleaning in North Canton OH that involves the use of water-fed poles and powerful cleaning agents. This means that we can remain on the ground for a much safer clean without compromising the end result.

Since we use a water-fed pole cleaning method, this allows us to reach much higher up on the building. Our long, professional poles are able to clean up to three stories which are more than enough for most residential properties. What’s more, it is incredibly safe!

How often your windows need cleaning will depend on how exposed they are to the elements. Generally speaking, we would advise having a monthly clean to keep them looking spic and span. Speak to us today about setting up a window cleaning schedule to suit your needs.

We always aim to price window cleaning in North Canton OH, as fairly as possible, so we use a no-nonsense pricing system. You will be charged for the number of windows you are having cleaned and not a penny more. Our clear quotes contain no hidden costs!

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

The number of times each year that your kitchen hood needs cleaning will depend on how much it is used. However, the average home would benefit from kitchen exhaust cleaning at least once a year. If you use the kitchen a lot, you may need to boost this to every six months.

Kitchen exhaust cleaning in North Canton OH doesn’t take a lot of time, and we pride ourselves on offering a speedy yet effective service. You would normally expect the job to take around two hours, but this will depend on the size of the hood and how dirty it is to start with.

You could try to clean your kitchen exhaust yourself but you will likely not get the same results. We use cleaning products that are designed for professional use so you can guarantee the most detailed and efficient clean. What’s more, our team is fully trained to ensure safe cleaning.

Cleaning your kitchen exhaust may cost varying amounts depending on factors such as the model of your oven and the size of the hood. However, we always aim to offer a fair price with no hidden costs so get in touch today for your no-nonsense quote.

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